Kitty's  puppies 2012.


" R " litter


Born: 29. 09. 2012.

2 males    (1 brindle és 1 wheaten)

4 females  (2 brindle és 2 wheaten)


Father:  Ich. Multi ch. Ebesi Angyal Baltazár                     Mother: Scottiefarm's Amore Mio (Kitty)

      Etoile Titan Mystic Ellorta
   Pierot Euri-Escot  
 Ebesi Angyal Baltazár      Tordun Topaz Tiara
     Stalwart's Radiant Stargazer
    Kangaroo from Joybusters  
      Nona v. Ossiland



 Stalwart's Lightening Strikes

Scottiefarm's Amore Mio

 Arabella's King of Queens


 Arabella's  Avalon



  Wetteraui Xi Pretty Woman

  Downtown Karlos





  I love You's of B&W Joybusters





They are six days old in this picture.






    They are six weeks old in this pictures.